Have you ever really - I mean, really - thought about female influential leadership and how could it serve your purpose?

Are you a high-performer or high-achiever? Well, does it matter? Yes, it does.

High performers are usually high achievers, which is not necessarily the case the other way around. High achievers are often perfectionists and terribly busy. High performers are more thriving for excellence. Does this ring a bell?

Let me ask you: Guess who sits in the driver seat? The high performer and certainly not the high achiever. It also happened to me at one point in my professional career and I paid a high price for it. I promised myself to never ever repeat this mistake.

Because it is not about working harder. It is not about the highest contribution or dedication. Rather it is about making conscious decisions and prioritizing where you put your efforts, as well as to align them with your personal needs. 

What if I showed you a way so that you focus on having a thriving business, while building a career on your terms? 




I am Catherine and I went  from corporate CEO to C-Suite coach.

After experiencing first hand the power of female energy at the highest corporate level, studies after studies demonstrate how much female energy is essential for the success of businesses. So, why don't we have more women in senior - business - positions? Ambition + Intention aren't enough, when you add Design to the equation, only then female power becomes irresistible. 

And, here comes my mission, which is to help the corporate woman to live her professional ambitions on her terms, like I did it.

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Master Your Career

Curious on how to best approach your career ambitions? Discover, at your pace, how to design your career. You learn to create a network of raving fans who will become instrumental for your next level.


Certified High Performance Coaching

Brendon Burchard's coaching framework proves over and over again its refreshing and compassionate effectiveness. It is used by corporations, coaches, and therapists alike in over 72 countries. For men and women.


One to One Senior Executive Coaching

66% of execs have no coach and 2/5 fail within 18 months. This should ring a bell. A good coach helps you in your decision-making process & momentum, where + how successfully move or pivot in whatever you do. 


Virtual Female Influential Leadership Retreat

Explore, with other like-minded women, the levers to live up to your ambitions. Discover the power of brand awareness + your assets + your next level. You will have fun and build a great "board of directors". 


The Female Influential Leadership Coaching

For female senior executives upon interview. Through an immersive 1:1-coaching, together we work on your goals, and get clarity, influence, and persuasion so that you win the internal political playground to move forward.



Lynn, VP and CEO Advisory business

Going into the Female Influential Leadership program, I don’t think any of us had any idea what to expect. With a group of women at different points in their careers and a diversity of industry and experience.
Catherine was brilliant in selecting the individuals for this program, I think there was some skepticism going into the first session. We were all trying to figure out our roles. This program exceeded my expectations and at the last session really had me wanting to do more and continue the valuable work we have been doing.
Having a safe environment where your vulnerability is accepted and not judged allowed me to start thinking about very important aspects of my career and my next role and my brand.
I was able to really decompose some of these basic tenants and now currently working through them. It allowed me to take back my power, to think about the imposter syndrome and the whys.
The group was collective and everyone shares their experience, thoughts and suggestions. I would highly recommend this for anyone in a place of transition or thinking about their future.
I am very grateful for having the opportunity to do this! 

Nikki, Founder Youth Development/Work

I was struggling to fully move into my new identity as a High Performance Coach who could serve an audience broader than my comfort zone of youth development. Catherine was able to challenge me and support me to stay in my growth zone. She was able to help me identify the metrics I needed to focus on to move forward. She shared strategies that helped me break through my blocks about the future I wanted. It really helped to have someone reflect back to me what I had already achieved and keep me honest about what I was doing to fully embrace the new opportunities in front of me.
Catherine got me, she saw me for who I am and l challenged me about who I was becoming. She used her skill and experience to illustrate content in ways that helped me understand myself and create traction on the things I was working on. 

Maike, Psychologist + Coach 

Catherine’s Female Influential Leadership Program provided a wonderful and safe environment for me to explore my career ambitions. The guidance of both her and the other women in the group supported me to gain clarity regarding my own purpose and mission, and to identify my next career milestones that feel right for me and excite me. From the bottom of my heart: Thank you.

Carl, Senior Executive Insurance

I highly recommend Catherine as a life and career coach. Working with Catherine, I've improved personal and professional relationships, and found greater balance in my life. Her approach helps you strengthen your potential and confront challenges with serenity. She has provided exceptional value in her ability to assess situations thoroughly and offer concrete tools, processes and plans of action to enable a successful transition to the next level.

Rachel, Leader Procurement Pharma

How are you? It's been a short while now since our chat! I tried to take your advice on political mapping and everything else. A lot has changed on my end ...

The meeting with the CFO went well. Off the back of it, I was given responsibility to lead a new project that will determine which procurement system we will use in the company's new facility. 

As of last week, I have also been given a promotion and a pay rise. I will be leading our small procurement department as of 1st October. 

So thank you for taking the time to share some of your wisdom. It literally paid off. I'm very grateful!

Douglas, Trauma Therapist & Coach

My name is Douglas G.  I have a Doctorate in Psychology and I am also a High Performance Coach.  I have been working with Catherine Schoendorff both as a client and as a colleague for two years.  She has a very strong corporate background, has had lots of formal education in the business arena and is a fabulous High Performance Coach.  She is attentive, curious, and joins with you with where you are and is very effective in getting you to your next level.  I highly regard her work and you would be doing yourself a favor to engage her as your coach. 

Tanja, Senior IT Consultant and Team Leader

This has been a valuable investment: Catherine knows what agile means. It is an important approach in IT consulting. She is an ace when it comes to employee and stakeholder collaboration. The sessions are trusting, value adding and inspiring, I enjoy them very much.

Anisse, Founder & CEO Education

It is rare to benefit from the expertise of someone who combines such a high level of interpersonal skills and know-how like Catherine.

Pragmatic, benevolent, creative and very experienced, will know how to use his talents to help you achieve your goals with the most effective strategies. And that in English, French or German!

Haysing, former Manager Banking + Startup Solopreneur

Shout-out to Catherine Schoendorff who is my C-Suite Women/High-Performance Leadership Coach.

I recently completed her Female Leadership Retreat, and the next-level clarity I gained was mind-blowing!

As a start-up solopreneur, I wanted to articulate my vision and offer more clearly to connect with my ideal clients.

After just five sessions with Catherine and other high-calibre participants from around the globe, my marketing messages have become more purposeful for my audience while feeling 100% authentic to my vision and values.

If you are a high-achieving woman professional in corporate and other large organizations and seek next-level clarity and leadership acumen, I'd say this. "Just Go for It! You Owe It to Yourself for Your Next-Level Transformation.

Executive Communication Adviser, 
FORMER Honorary Consul of Chile, 
FORMER Television Breaking News Desk

Catherine and I met while learning how to market our courses online and developed, not only social media skills, but also our friendship accross the ocean. As a communication coach for women in leadership, in 20 days I got back my investment of time in Catherine's program! In the process, I rediscovered the value of my experience and success from a new practical perspective that lead me to track my work using parameters organized around functions critical to the corporate world, in addition to regular business outputs. As a female entrepreneur, with corporate clients, following the strategies learned in her C-suite approach, has lead me to build the community each of us needs to succeed within a corporation. Don’t miss the chance to join her seminar! 

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